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  • Eyebrows
  • Side burns
  • Full face
  • Half arm wax
  • Full arm wax
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  • Half leg wax

Eyebrow Sculpture

Transform your look with a thorough consultation to design the perfect shape for your face shape. The correct eye brow design can instantly uplift not only the eye area, but the entire face.

Our passionate sculptors will consult with you 1st to determine the desired shape. Followed by the transformation of the brow, whether it be a better shape or needing to improve the appearance of sparse or over plucked brows.

Our treatment will consist of measuring, waxing, tinting, tweezing. We also educate and define the completed shape with an take home brow kits, available to purchase to maintain the brows between salon visits.

Eyebrow / Eyelash Tint

Tinting results in beautiful, well-defined lashes and brows, and a little more free time in the morning.

Eyelash tinting is the perfect, low maintenance way to rock beautifully natural yet dramatic lashes. Perfect for a day at the beach, lash tinting avoids mascara smudging and running, so you can relax and feel gorgeous in the sun. A quick treatment with instantly amazing results; eyelash tinting will quickly become and favourite for anyone with a busy schedule and active lifestyle.

We use premium long lasting professional tints for our eyelash and eyebrow colouring and conditioning, and carry a wide range of colour options. Our expert therapists will guide your colour selection and processing time. We take your safety very seriously.

Eyelash Extensions

Extension and Refill

Add some glamour to your look, give the eyes a ‘lift’, and roll out of bed looking amazing. These semi-permanent eyelashes create fuller, longer, more glamorous looking lashes and eyes that look younger, larger and more refreshed. Eyelash extensions look and feel natural, are smudge-proof and waterproof, and allow your lashes to look their best at all times, without any mascara required.

Delicate mink-style synthetic lashes, custom matched to your own natural curl and thickness, are grafted with specialised glue on to each individual natural eyelash on a hair-by-hair basis.

The size of your eyelid, your natural lash shape and condition of your lashes will determine, to some extent, how many lashes can be applied and the speed at which they can be applied. The relaxing process involves laying down with eyes closed for 30-90 minutes.

Lash extensions require regular maintenance. Your natural lashes replenish every 60 days, thus touch ups or refills are required every 2 to 3 weeks in order to replenish the fallen lashes and keep them looking full.

Adds noticeable volume and length to upper lashes to beautifully enhance your look, whilst still looking natural (approx. 80-100 lashes per eye).

Spray Tan

Spray tanning is a safe and healthy alternative to UV tanning. it’s about brightening your complexion without damaging your skin from the sun’s aging rays. It will make your skin glow while helping it remain healthy, wrinkle, cancer-free and premature aging. Spray on tans allows you to look good and feel great all year around. The Natural and Organic spray on tan formulae has been developed to insure optimum tanning results with solutions to suit all skin types, lasting you from 5-10 days.

A deeper, longer lasting Spray Tan using only naturally derived organic ingredients that are paraben and alcohol free.

A pop-up spray booth, the tanners will work around your schedule, offering flexible and after-hours appointments. Using certified organic Tan products your skin will take on a perfectly even bronze colour that lasts and fades naturally, is flawless, streak less and odourless!

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